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Frequently Asked Questions

What is O Cabaré?

This is a website of ads of escorts, masseuses, dancers, actors, actresses and other professionals in the sex industry.

Are the advertisers hired from O Cabaré?

No. O Cabaré we just provide a platform to broadcast the work of thoseprofessionals. The content of the ads is of entire responsibility of the announcers.

Who can announce in O Cabaré ?

Any person over the age of majority and legally capable of exert a profession related to the sex market.

O Cabaré looks like it is restricted to a specific sex. Is it really that anyone can announce?

Yes, we separate the professionals by sex in order to be shown in an specificsite. However this separation happens automatically. You can place your ad in any of the sites, just filling the field 'sex' correctly, that way the announce will be broadcast on the corresponding site. The websites are: Men, Transex and Women

I was victim of a fraud, someone posted my pictures in an ad without myconsent!!

In that case, you can click in the profile and on the bottom of the page, you will find a link named report. Fill up the information asked and we will remove the content as soon as possible. In case you may want to identify or prosecute the authors of this fraud, contact us, we will promptly collaborate to identify the criminals.

How do I make to post an ad in?

You just need an email account. Open the site and click in Advertise. Then fill in your data and photos and you can create your ad!

Can I create my ad first and only publish it later?

Yes. In the upper bar there is a button named Publish Yes/No by defaultyour profile is not public. You need to click there to publish it.

I cant publish my ad. I click in Publish but nothing happens.

Before publish your ad is necessary

In case it's not working anyways. Send us a mail we will verify.

What is to verify the email and how to do it?

Verify the mail is a procedure we take to confirm your address. When you register on the site an email is sent to the address you informed. You need to open that mail and click on the link there. Your email will be verified.
In case you have not receipt, check your spam box
In case you have not receipt, click here to send a new mail

How do I make my ad show up first?

There is many ways. The ordering of the ads is done through your total score that you can check in the page of statistics. There is many ways you can improve your score: get nice evaluations, the time your profile exists on the site, if you update your pictures and data with frequency, views, etc. The better your score, the earlier your profile will be shown on the list, increasing your visibility and boosting your business You can also purchase a plan that, in addition to giving more prominence, leaves you always well positioned in the list.

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